Culture and Values

Our Culture

Our philosophy is simple. To help people succeed. In the right environment, with a balance of constructive challenge and support, people achieve better outcomes. This commitment extends to our employees, partners and clients alike, and has been a critical element of our success. There is no doubt, that our culture and values are very much a reflection of our inherent interest and investment in others. This trait has provided the foundations for openness, inclusiveness and support that bind our staff and partners.

From the outset, we have been focused on retaining a sense of belonging and ownership in the business, providing the means and opportunity for employees to be shareholders in the company. We foster this feeling through our many social and sporting activities and community involvement.

We are always seeking people and partners that share in our philosophy, so that we continue to help people attain better outcomes for themselves and their business.

Our Values

We have not mandated company values, but merely verbalised what is naturally inherent to anyone that works with or within Cordelta. We believe that the values of professionalism, commitment, helpfulness, integrity, humility and balance don’t require explanation to those who want to make a constructive contribution, especially within professional services. Our approach is to recognise these qualities throughout our company, and provide whatever it takes to nurture, develop and demonstrate them in the things we do, say and deliver.