Cordelta Collecting for Annual 5cent Campaign


5cent_ygap_logo-1-2This May marks the fourth year Cordelta has helped to sponsor YGAP’s 5cent Campaign.

Collection of 5 cent pieces has started once again, and goes through the end of the month. Dig into your change jar, sock drawer, couch, wherever those pesky 5 cent coins congregate, and bring them into the Cordelta office to donate. You can also donate online.

Cordelta will also be donating 5 cents from every billable hour in May.

Funds collected through 5cent in 2015 will go to YGAP’s Spark* Accelerator Program to help them to find and enable impact entrepreneurs in South Africa, Kenya and Australia.

Through this program, YGAP has already been able to change the lives of 52,439 people. We’re talking BIG change. They’ve been able to provide these people with access to quality education, health care, good homes and better incomes.

If you have a moment, check out one of the unbelievably catchy 5cent echidna ads. We are not responsible for the song getting stuck in your head.