Cordelta hosts workshop at Health Conference


Future Health Leaders ConferenceCordelta’s ability to cater for a Gen-Y centric workforce will be highlighted at a forthcoming health conference in Canberra. Cordelta was invited to host a workshop at the 2013 Asia Pacific Congress on Health Leadership after it ranked 10th in this year’s BRW Best Place to Work survey. Cordelta senior consultant Alan Pauza will present the workshop, which will illustrate the company’s modern approach to business as well as painting a picture of future change for the healthcare industry.

The Australian College of Health Service Management (ACHSM) will host the three-day conference, which will expose delegates to an extensive range of health management and leadership topics.

“I’ll be presenting a case study of Cordelta based on the BRW Top 10 places to work award, including our ‘modern’ approach to work such as the use of online systems and ‘work from anywhere, anytime’,” Alan said. “I’ll then paint a picture of the expected changes in Healthcare in the coming years, based on the COAG National Health Reform Agreement (NHRA) and workforce and population dynamics, and use these to discuss the likely challenges faced and opportunities presented to both future health leaders and to current management with specific relevance to succession planning.”

Originally trained in industrial research, Alan has an extensive background in the disciplines of Information, Project and Change Management. He also has a personal interest in population dynamics, people management (HR) and leadership. Alan has an extensive background in healthcare reform and has worked with clients such as the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the National Health Funding Body (NHFB), and the National Health Performance Authority (NHPA). He has delivered major projects while managing Gen-Y predominant teams.

ACHSM chair Angela Magarry said the conference provided a unique opportunity for people involved in the health and aged care sectors to hear about the latest policy drivers, changes and management styles. “Featuring speakers at the high-level policy arena to operational and clinical managers, the Congress is a platform to network, exchange knowledge and experience, which will help lead the way in managing our health services more effectively, especially in this time of system reform,” she said.

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