Cordelta is now an Approved Seller on the Australian Government Digital Marketplace


Cordelta is now part of an initial group of sellers approved to provide services via the portal.

As a seller on the Digital Marketplace, it’s even easier to engage Cordelta’s expanding capacity and capability in ICT and security services.

In particular, Cordelta is approved to provide Business Analyst services (both junior and senior BAs), as well as Senior Technical Leads and Ethical Hackers (also known as “penetration testing”), and Digital Transformation Advisors.

Business Analysis is one of our most requested services,” said Astrid Reis, Cordelta’s BA practice lead. “The marketplace will allow us to expand our service offerings beyond our typical outlets.”

We’re very pleased to be able to expand the ability for government departments and agencies to access Cordelta’s services,” said Senior Executive and Solution Architect Stephen Anderson. “We’re especially keen to establish mutually successful relationships with state and city organisations.”

As the need for ICT security services continues to grow, Cordelta’s security team is well placed to provide ethical hacking, penetration testing and adversary simulation services to ensure systems are secured and risk is minimised.

“The Digital Marketplace will make it easier than ever for groups to be able to access Cordelta’s growing security capability, all scalable to individual business requirements,” said ICT Security Executive Ken Hendrie.

For more information about accessing Cordelta’s services via the Digital Marketplace, or to learn more about how our ICT and security services can help your business succeed, please contact our Business Development team or on 02 6162 4112.