Cordelta Partners with YGAP and the 5cent Campaign


5 Cent CampaignCordelta has committed to turn what many consider worthless into lasting change for disadvantaged communities. The Canberra company is proud to announce its recent partnership with not-for-profit organisation YGAP and the 5cent Campaign. Throughout May, YGAP aims to collect one million five cent pieces to create better living conditions for impoverished communities in Australia and abroad.

Cordelta staff, clients and partners have already started collecting five cent pieces. In just a few weeks the company has raised nearly $500 in change. Cordelta has also pledged to donate five cents for every billable hour of work recorded by its staff during May.

“We live in the community and believe that everything is connected” says Cordelta’s managing Director Ken Gutterson. “We don’t exist on an island. If we can help each other there are better outcomes for everyone.”

“Partnering with YGAP appealed to us because they have a different approach to traditional fundraising and support worthy causes to help end poverty.” Ken explains. “They also solve a problem for us. No one likes having a wallet full of five cent pieces.”

“It’s great to have organisations like Cordelta behind us.” says Sean Hanley, YGAP’s Business Manager. “Not only are the employees enthusiastically behind the campaign, but as a consulting organisation, they have been able to involve their clients as well.”

The partnership will continue beyond raising money. Sean adds “After the initial campaign, Cordelta is going to provide YGAP with strategic advice to help us move the campaign from a local initiative to a nationally focused movement.”

YGAP is a not-for-profit organisation aiming to redefine how people contribute to change. YGAP seeks to drive tangible social change through innovative social enterprising and creative fundraising initiatives. Learn more about YGAP:

You can donate by going to or by giving your five cent pieces at the Cordelta head office.