Cordelta Stitches Up Support of Local Quiltmakers


In March 2014 at Cordelta’s annual company conference, delegates decided to re-focus Cordelta’s community and charity efforts into organisations where employees have direct involvement. Cordelta’s Charity Lottery was born.

Every six months, Cordelta employees nominate charity or community organisations and these organisations are drawn at random to receive sponsorship from Cordelta.

This and future posts will include details of the organisations to receive sponsorship from the first ever draw.

Canberra Modern Quilt Guild

Modern Medallion Quilt

Modern Medallion Quilt by Crystal of Two Little Aussie Birds.

The Canberra Modern Quilt Guild provides an outlet for quilters and crafters of all abilities to connect, in person and online, and share their passion for all things quilting. The MQG promotes the art of quilting with a modern aesthetic, and provides encouragement and support to new members interested in learning more about quilting. Through the global MQG movement, the Canberra branch connects with like-minded people around the world, drawing new inspiration and sharing our ideas.

As a new guild, building resources for our members is a major focus and thanks to Cordelta, we are able to begin a library. We are so grateful to Cordelta for assisting us in our growth.

You can read more about the modern quilting movement on the Guild’s blog {}.

The Canberra Modern Quilt Guild was nominated by Cordelta administration team member Coral Brady.

Improv Quilt

Improv Quilt by Julie of Procrasticraft.