Cordelta Supports “Pet” Projects at RSPCA


In March 2014 at Cordelta’s annual company conference, delegates decided to re-focus Cordelta’s community and charity efforts into organisations where employees have direct involvement. Cordelta’s Charity Lottery was born.

Every six months, Cordelta employees nominate charity or community organisations and these organisations are drawn at random to receive sponsorship from Cordelta.

This and future posts will include details of the organisations to receive sponsorship from the first ever draw.


Beatrix the Dog

Beatrix the dog was rehomed by the RSPCA.

At RSPCA ACT it is all about saving lives. That is what we do. Our strategies, our culture, our actions lead us to one goal, that is to maximise the number of animals we can save. Our ability to find homes for companion animals is unparalleled. Nine out of ten dogs go to a home and eight out of ten domestic cats go to a home. We have received international acclaim for our ground breaking work with companion animals.

Our wildlife program is unique to RSPCA. A dedicated team of staff and volunteer carers provide around the clock care for thousands of animals every year.

Next year we anticipate more than 9,000 animals will need our help. We will prepare 300,000 meals for companion animals; 500,000 feeds for native birds and mammals. We will clean 125,000 kennels and cages and we will talk to 150,000 locals about animals care, welfare and cruelty. Our volunteers will walk a staggering 20,000kms exercising dogs. Volunteer wildlife carers will invest some 400,000 hours looking after injured native wildlife.

The challenge is big, the numbers are bigger, but be rest assured, RSPCA stands ready to meet this demanding workload head on. You can be proud in the knowledge that your local RSPCA is well placed, well managed and engages extraordinary people, both paid and voluntary.

We love what we do and we know we make a difference.

The ACT Chapter of the RSPCA was nominated by Cordelta Change Manager Kate Chalmers.