Deltoids Take Home the 24hr Paddling Corporate Title


Entering the Burley Griffin Canoe Club’s 24 Hour event, has become a tradition for Cordelta. This is the fourth year a team of Deltoids have gathered together to raise money for a worthy charity and to test their staying power in what can be a huge challenge for those who don’t paddle often.

The Cancer Support Group was chosen by the BGCC this year and a grand total of $9000 was raised to help make life a little easier for cancer sufferers and their families.

The participating Deltoids knew they were going to be up against it this year with our friends and worthy opponents Veritec competing in the corporate division.

Cordelta and Veritec tents

The race started under clear blue skies at 10 am on Saturday. By midday the heavens had opened up with thunder, lightning, hail and torrential rain. But the Deltoid Drifters pushed on, determined to keep on going for the full 24 hours, no matter what. A quick peek into the Veritec tent around two pm, revealed warm dry corporate competitors with a strong desire to stay that way. Victory was in the air and despite the weather, paddles were flying and morale was high.

Wet weather at the 24 Hour Challenge

By evening, enthusiasm was waning. Chilled to the bone and weary from the efforts of the day, the Deltoid Drifters were facing a long cold and miserable night. The pizza van arrived and injected renewed resolve into the team, despite the river running through the middle of their marquee. With multiple injections of pure PowerAde into their veins, a plan was hatched for the night and executed with typical Deltoid precision. However, we didn’t expect the team mascot to be dragged out of her warm bed and pulled into the timing tent from 12 am until 4 am. She was a little stiff when she returned.

Somewhere in the early hours of the morning the rain cleared and a beautiful full moon came out to guide the Drifters home. Spirits were lifted and the team kept on paddling until the event closed at 10am. With wet feet and 168 kms behind them, the Deltoid Drifters collected the corporate shield. More importantly, the Drifters achieved their goal to paddle through the night without stopping for a collective snooze. The perpetual trophy will be up for grabs again next year and, like the America’s Cup, we have no intentions of letting it go.

King O'Malley Cup