Project Services

We have a diverse background of project services knowledge, skills and experience. Our team prides itself on being highly professional, with a proven track record in delivering successful results. We can assist your project or program to establish the structure, processes and discipline it needs for the effective running of productive projects.

We can plan, monitor, organise, secure, manage and control all aspects of a project to achieve your objectives on time, and within budget so that you can consistently deliver successful and timely projects.

Our capabilities include:

Gateway Reviews / Program Management / Project Management / Portfolio Management / Project Assurance / Project Support

Our Work

  • Customs Establishment of Australian Anti-Dumping Commission

    The establishment of the Australian Anti-DumpingCommission was the primary recommendation of the Brumby Review, published in December 2012, to strengthen Australia’s anti-dumping and countervailing system. The ADC will continue to administer Australia’s anti-dumping system to provide protection for Australian industry against unfair trade practices and competition from overseas. “Dumping” is a predatory pricing strategy that occurs when manufacturers export a product to another country at a price either below the price charged in its home market or below its cost of production. It also marks a major milestone in a suite of reforms to the anti-dumping system that were initiated by the Federal Government in 2011 and supported by six …
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  • Australian Border Force Establishment of Logistics Management System

    Cordelta was engaged by the Australian Border Force’s (ABF) Marine Logistics Unit to undertake business improvement activities within the unit, this included the need to investigate and implement a Logistics Management System. Cordelta found that many policies were either non-existent or out of date, leading to a lack of standardisation in support of vessels, in the Darwin warehouse or in the Canberra head office. The imminent delivery of the Cape Class Patrol Boats (CCPB) and establishment of a second warehouse served as catalysts for a more unified solution. Cordelta’s consultant met with each stakeholder group, both in group workshops and individually. Using an approach of looking through individual stakeholders’ world …
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Our Experts

Boyd McCarron

Senior Executive