JobActive IRAP Assistance

Pathway to Accreditation Programme – IRAP Assessment and Compliance Services

Department of Employment (DoE)

The Department of employment requires External Service Providers and Third Party IT Provider services that are used by the Department’s Employment Services Providers to be IRAP assessed and accredited by the Department up to UNCLASSIFIED (DLM) as per the Australian Government security classification scheme.
Currently, providers involved in the following programs must undergo this process:

  • Jobactive;
  • New Enterprise Incentive Scheme;
  • Harvest Labour Services;
  • Work for the Dole Coordinators;
  • ParentsNext; and
  • Transition to Work.

The program involves a phased approach over 36 months that involves custom Statements of Applicability (SoA) that are drawn from the Information Security Manual (ISM) and Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF):


How we can help

Cordelta has significant experience in performing IRAP assessments for both public and private entities and in assisting organisations to meet their ISM and PSPF compliance requirements.
This can include expert security advice, development of documentation to meet requirements, development of frameworks or strategies, process or technical designs or assessment of systems through the IRAP program.

Why us

Cordelta has a firm understanding of the Australian Government’s Information Security Manual, Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) and other applicable legislation such as the Privacy Act which allows our consultants to assess the appropriate application of controls to meet compliance requirements and manage the Commissions risk to an acceptable level.
To ensure the highest quality deliverables, Cordelta’s security capabilities are:

  • Independent. We are not committed to using or supporting products from any vendors and do not receive any form of incentives for on selling products. This allows our consultants to perform the important role of independent trusted advisors providing guidance that meets the best interests of the department.
  • Quality controlled. Our services are delivered under a quality system specifically designed for these services. Cordelta is strongly committed to the delivery of the highest quality security services. We understand that our pursuit of excellence can only be realised through stringent project and quality assurance processes.
  • Standards based. Our security services meet current security best practice. Cordelta methodologies are based on local and international security standards and guidelines, and current risk management practices. We are constantly working to ensure that our approach and techniques are aligned with current best practice and the latest exploits and exposures.


If you would like to discuss how Cordelta can assist you with this program, please contact us via any of the methods below.

Our Experts

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