Sleeping in the Cold to Raise Homelessness Awareness


Ken Gutterson CEO SleepoutCordelta’s Managing Director, Ken Gutterson, is always one of the first to put his hand up to help support the company’s many community endeavours.

This year, Ken will be participating in his third Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout. The event will take place on Thursday 21 June in capital cities across Australia. Rain, hail, frost or snow, with a sheet of cardboard, a pillow and a sleeping bag, Ken will be sleeping outside to help the St Vincent de Paul Society to raise awareness of the real facts of homelessness.

There are more than 100,000 Australians who sleep rough each night of the year. Just under half of these are women; a quarter of these are under the age of 18.

So help Ken make a difference to homelessness across Australia and donate to this worthy cause by clicking here.

All money raised through goes directly towards the ongoing provision of Vinnie’s homeless services across the country.

Here’s how your donation can help:

  • $50 can provide a meal and educational resource for a disadvantaged child.
  • $100 can help ensure a family keeps its power on this winter.
  • $200 provides emergency accommodation and food to a family in crisis.
  • $500 could relocate and establish a homeless person into one of the Society’s homeless accommodation services.
  • $1,000 would pay the rent for a family facing eviction from their home.