Australian Government Security Vetting Agency Procurement Management


Image of Contract Signature LineIn 2015, the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) required the services of an experienced procurement specialist to undertake procurement activities for three concurrent procurements that provided critical services to support AGSVA’s service delivery.

Due to the complexity associated with the procurements, the significant analysis and consultation required to develop the tender documents, the requirement for documentation associated with the procurements AGSVA required specialist procurement assistance to assist with the lifecycle of these procurements.

The Cordelta procurement specialist provided:

  • specialist advice and support in the planning and management of the three procurement over eighteen months, and across all phases of the three procurements (procurement strategy, business case, requirements development, evaluation, negotiations, transition);
  • the development of key tender and approval documents; and
  • the provision of specialist advice and support to implement contract management processes and practices for contracts, as well as ongoing advice on procurement policies, procedures and documentation.

The three procurements were successfully completed and new contracts established with the assistance and advice of the procurement specialist. AGSVA noted that procurement specialist had consistently provided the support and professional advice to keep a firm management of all three procurements and that the steady hand and advice provided during the process, along with a can do attitude had been integral to the successful completion of three procurements.