Defence Force Recruiting Procurement and Contract Management


Australian Defence Force RecruitingIn 2008, Defence Force Recruiting required contract support specialising in procurement process and facility management. Cordelta was engaged to review existing and proposed contractual arrangements for Australian Defence Force recruitment activities and development and support of a disengagement plan for current recruitment contracts and a methodology for to enable transition to new arrangements.

Cordelta undertook the role of contract administrator over a medium term at a time of complex contract manoeuvring to deliver uninterrupted recruitment services to the ADF. Cordelta developed an engagement plan in consultation with DFR to agree on key deliverables, identify current issues and develop mitigation strategies. The timing of this engagement represented a major risk to DFR and the development of a strong risk management approach and understanding of the key issues and dates assisted in reducing DFR’s risk exposure.

Through previous engagements with DFR, Cordelta had developed a thorough understanding of the recruitment services contract provisions and was well placed to apply this knowledge in the contract administrator role. Cordelta developed strong working relationships within Defence and was able to liaise with internal process experts to facilitate a closer alignment between service delivery and operational expectations.

In addition, Cordelta developed a contract management and governance framework to control and manage contractual compliance, service delivery, financial accountability, stakeholder engagement and key performance indicators when DFR entered into a $400m recruitment services contract.

Cordelta was further engaged to manage the procurement of three significant marketing and operational contracts, freeing DFR staff to focus on critical contract issues.

Cordelta has maintained a strong long term relationship with DFR and continues to work with DFR on procurement and contract management.